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What can I expect from The Global Conference?
The Global Conference is a faith-based event geared to educate people on faith, family, health, marriage, and entrepreneurship. Join business owners, leaders of the world, incredible speakers, and other guests in an inspiring 2-day conference!

Where is the experience located?
Redeeming Word: Christian Center
2800 W Prospect Rd,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Does the experience take place in an indoor or outdoor venue?
The exhibition will be held in an indoor venue.

How long does the experience last?
The event will be two days in total, starting Friday, October 4th
Saturday, July 29 : 1:00 P.M - 10:00 P.M

Is it COVID secure and safe?
The experience is designed to be COVID safe.

Is there air conditioning?
Yes, there is air conditioning inside the facility.

Is the experience accessible for deaf people?
Yes, they are able to watch and will have lyrics/presentations on screens to read.

What accessibility options do we have for someone visually impaired?
There will be ushers/greeters that can assist walking them to their seats.

Will there be strobe lights?
Yes, but the strobe lights will be very limited. We will also be having stage lighting.

Will food and beverage be available on site for purchase?
Yes, there will be several food trucks directly outside the facility in the parking lot for purchase.

Can I take photos or record the experience?
Feel free to take photos and share them/tag @theglobalconference on IG! When taking photos, please make sure not to disturb others. Professional equipment and tripods are not permitted.

Are there chairs available? Can I be seated during the experience/exhibition?
Yes, your ticket includes a GA or VIP seat for the entirety of the conference.

Will restrooms be available on site?
Yes, there are male and female restrooms available.

Are there vegan or gluten free options available?
We are confirming to have at least one vegan/gluten free  food truck option available.

Regarding the access to the event
Do I need to wear a mask?
Wearing a mask is not required, but you are welcome to wear one if you’d like.

Do I need to arrive at the start of my scheduled session?
It is recommended that you arrive within the time stated on your ticket to maximize your experience.

What happens if I arrive late?
You may be asked to wait outside the double doors if there is a special feature happening. If not, you are welcome to enter and an usher will assist you to your seat.

Can I bring animals?
No animals are permitted in the facility.

Are service dogs allowed?
Unfortunately, service dogs are not allowed per the venue's rules.

Is there an age requirement?
There is no age requirement; all ages are welcome to attend.

Is the venue ADA compliant?
Yes, it is ADA compliant. There are ramps accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Is there parking available?
Yes, there is a parking lot in front of the venue.

What if the weather is bad?
The event will be held indoors, therefore, it will not have any effect on our event.

What are the prohibited items at the experience?
Flash photography, alcohol, anything which may disturb the other patrons.

Are wheelchairs available to rent?
No, there are no wheelchairs on site to rent to the public.

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